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Manage your call for papers or conference the easy way.

Manage contacts, invitations, registrations, landing pages, editorial review process, custom forms and reporting.

All in one place, not all over the place.

Complete control over your CFP / Conference !

From sending invitations, papers or talks submissions to peer-reviews and publishing your book of abstracts.

Sync your contacts and send invitations very fast

confDesk helps you collect contacts in one place, filter them and send nice formatted invitations at any hour.

Registration and papers submission is a breeze

Once you launch, authors registration and their papers or talks submission is very easy. Use a default form or add custom fields depending on your needs.

Customize your CFP landing page New

Setup your nice designed landing page to welcome your authors in the most pleasent way.

Enjoy a whole new set of options Upcoming

We are working to constantly add new ways to finetune the settings of this tool, to add new features that offers real and valuable outcomes.

confDesk is an advanced solution for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It works on all major browsers and your users have an great experience anywhere they go.

Secure platform

All transactions are running under a strong SSL Certificate. Your data is stored securely and we do several backups a day. Copies are moved automatically to a secure remote site for disaster recovery purposes.

Looks great anywhere

We test and retest all pages inside the web app to make sure it looks great on all major browsers on desktops & on mobile devices.

High Availability

Our everyday aim is to offer 99.99% uptime and offer best possible loading speed everywhere on the world.

Outstanding benefits

confDesk offers valuable data about your visitors, tools to make their and your life easier during the whole CFP process.