confDesk Changelog

Some extra security for our platform

New 15 May 2019

Registration and forgotten password will use from now on an invisible protection (captcha check from Google) to allow us to safely validate the users and separate them from robots that want to auto-register an account. You don't have to do anything extra while registering or recovering your password - everything happens in the background.

Email templates

New 15 Apr 2019

confDesk allows defining templates for each paper status. If none is set it will be defaulted to one that is general informing the user that their paper status got changed and providing the URL to edit the paper.

CFP - allow only abstract first and upload the paper later

New 5 Apr 2019

confDesk allows defining CFP that will allow authors to submit their abstract first and request the full paper upload only after the paper got Accepted. The plan is to make this highly customizable from the Workspace and allow to set when the authors are required to submit the file but not later than some cutoff date that the manager may set. Also, some email reminders will be sent in case the author did not comply with the CFP procedure to submit the file.

Social Registration and Authentication, Notifications improvements

New 29 March 2019

Starting today you can use your Google Account to register and log in on We are planning to also add LinkedIn, GitHub and Twitter to the stack.

In terms of notifications: as CFP runner, when you are changing the status of a paper, the author/user that added the paper will get an email notification letting them know that the status was changed. the plan is to improve this in terms of allowing authors to decide if they want to get such notifications, by default it will be enabled. Also we plan to add very quick notifications to the CFP runner and sections/tracks managers to be notified when a new paper is added. More news to come on this in the next weeks. If you have hints on how would you like this to work just drop us an email to

We are using

New 15 Apr 2018

We started using for better error tracking and reporting. This will help us find of any error faster because we get on spot e-mail notifications when they occur and most of all will help us help faster. Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail to with any problem you might have while using confDesk.

Cleaner layout for viewing paper's lists

Improvement 15 Apr 2018

We removed the parts related to keywords, classification codes from the paper's lists to save some space. Also, we moved the action buttons on the right of each paper and grouped all actions inside a drop-down (this button is visible only when you have access to make changes to the papers). This is how it looks:

Improvement papers lists